Welcome to the Graphistry Documentation!

In the left menu you'll find a directory of all available tutorials and documentation links to get you up and running with Graphistry and its several usage modes. Graphistry features a rich interface and APIs for controling the frontend visualization and backend server:


  • UI Guides: Visualization in-tool use -- walkthroughs and tutorials
  • Graphistry Administration: On-prem installation, TLS, backups/updates/migrations, account creation, connector configuration, ontology definition, and more
  • REST APIs: Platform-agnostic URL embedding API for frontend configuration and backed API for data uploads and visualization generation
  • Investigation automation: Setup Connectors, custom pivots, and investigation templates
  • Python APIs: Data science notebooks and web app embeddings via PyGraphistry
  • JavaScript + React APIs: Frontend libraries for easier embedding and interactivity
  • Graphistry + Databricks: Use Databricks to handle all your data, analytics and AI use cases

Happy Graphing!