Embed Visualizations


Given a dataset name or URL, such as Miserables:

  • URL: https://hub.graphistry.com/graph/graph.html?dataset=Miserables
  • HTML: <iframe src="https://hub.graphistry.com/graph/graph.html?dataset=Miserables"></iframe>

Our most popular configuration is:

    style="border: 1px solid black; width: 100%; height: 100%; min-height: 400px"

URL Options

Add parameters to the end of the URL to manipulate the visualizations. For additional inputs or outputs, please email info@graphistry.com.

Example: Do not run layout on page load (play=0) and use a red background (bg=%23FF0000)

    style="border: 1px solid black; width: 100%; height: 100%; min-height: 400px"
Category Parameter Type Default Description
page pageTitle string dataset name HTML meta title tag
page favicon string Graphistry favicon URL of page icon
scene menu boolean true Whether to show all menus
scene showHistograms boolean true Whether to show histogram adder on bottom-right
scene showInspector boolean true Whether to show node/edge entity inspector on the right (see also showLabelPropertiesOnHover)
scene info boolean true Whether to show graph size stats
scene showArrows boolean true Whether to show arrowheads on edges to indicate directionality.
scene pointSize, edgeCurvature, edgeOpacity, pointOpacity number Configures the visual aspects of points and edges; pointSize for node size, edgeCurvature for edge bending, edgeOpacity, and pointOpacity for transparency.
scene neighborhoodHighlight String both When highlighting a node during a hover, which of its edges to also highlight: incoming, outgoing, both, node
scene neighborhoodHighlightHops Number 1 When highlighting a node during a hover, how many hops away to include edges for highlighting
layout play integer Number of milliseconds to run layout on pageload. To not run layout on pageload, try ...&play=0.
layout left, right, top, bottom integer autozoom+autocenter to show all nodes on screen Manually position camera on pageload. Ex: ...&left=-1.0.
layout lockedX, lockedY, lockedR boolean false Prevent a point from moving based on x position, y position, and radius. Ex: ...&lockedX=true.
layout linLog, strongGravity, dissuadeHubs boolean false Controls graph layout algorithms; linLog for linear/logarithmic scaling, strongGravity for gravitational pull, dissuadeHubs to reduce hub dominance.
layout edgeInfluence, precisionVsSpeed, gravity, scalingRatio number Adjusts graph layout precision and performance.
  • edgeInfluence: Determines the impact of edge weight on layout. Higher values give more consideration to edge weight.
  • precisionVsSpeed: Balances computation between precision and speed. Less movement of nodes per layout step results in higher quality but slower processing.
  • gravity: Sets the gravitational strength towards the center of the canvas. Higher values increase the attraction.
  • scalingRatio: Adjusts the scale of nodes and edges in the graph.
labels labelOpacity number Adjusts the opacity of labels for visibility.
labels labelColor, labelBackground color Sets text and background color of labels.
labels showLabels, showLabelOnHover, showPointsOfInterest, showPointsOfInterestLabel, showActions, shortenLabels boolean true Controls various aspects of label visibility and behavior.
  • showLabels: Toggles the overall visibility of labels in the graph.
  • showLabelOnHover: Displays labels only when hovering over an element, enhancing clarity and reducing clutter.
  • showPointsOfInterest: Highlights specific nodes or edges as points of interest.
  • showPointsOfInterestLabel: Enables labels for the highlighted points of interest, making them easily identifiable.
  • showActions: Displays labels related to actions or interactions available on graph elements.
  • shortenLabels: Truncates long labels to maintain readability and neatness of the graph layout.
labels showLabelPropertiesOnHover boolean false Shows additional label properties on hover.
labels pointsOfInterestMax number Sets the maximum number of points of interest (POIs) to highlight. POIs are key nodes or elements in the graph that are of particular significance or require special attention.
logo logoUrl string none (do not show) URL of custom logo image
logo logoAutoInvert boolean false When true, dynamically inverts colors based on dynamic luminosity. Best when used with a transparent white logo.
logo logoPosition top | bottom bottom Position of custom logo image
logo logoMaxHeight int Maximum image height; maintains aspect ratio with logoMaxWidth
logo logoMaxWidth int Maximum image width; maintains aspect ratio with logoMaxHeight
logo logoMaxWidth int Maximum image width; maintains aspect ratio with logoMaxHeight

Additional options

See create dataset for setting additional options like page logo, background image, icon, and point sizes as part of the upload options.

IFrame CSS Style Tips

Control the HTML style by adding style attributes: <iframe style="border: 1px solid black; width: 100%; height: 80%; min-height: 400px" src=...

Control the border:

border: 1px solid black

Control the size:

width: 100%; height: 80%; min-height: 400px